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Discussion Dinner Club

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Here’s the thing: we need to talk more. Not just about sports and music and the best coffeeshops in town (although, those are great), but about how we interact with the world and with each other. This isn’t about arguing over controversial topics; it’s about encouraging each other to be more thoughtful and intentional with our relationships and environment.

These dinners will have limited spots, but you’re encouraged to invite people you think will contribute to the conversation. The hope is to have a variety of viewpoints. The size will vary from dinner-to-dinner, as will the location.

Here’s a tentative list of future topics:

  • How do we become more aware of the issues that are around us but don’t affect us, personally?
  • How do we acknowledge the inequalities and injustices in our own city and have a better understanding of the heinous and heroic things that have shaped the place we call home?
  • Women in ministry; is it an issue anymore?
  • What is the relationship btw forgiveness and trust?
  • When is it okay to leave a church?
  • Introverts vs extroverts, does it really matter?
  • What do you want community to look like?
  • What is truth?
  • How do we maintain relationships while disagreeing?
  • What is a good work ethic? How can we improve ours and encourage our coworkers?
  • What does it mean to be a lifelong learner?
  • What issues are important to you and how are you involved with them?
  • Talk about an issue about which your viewpoint has changed and how that happened.


Earlier Event: March 23
Morning Yoga
Later Event: March 30
Morning Yoga